Union Pacific Odyssey Volume 1 (Remastered)

Union Pacific Odyssey Volume 1 (Remastered)

Green Frog Productions

Format: 2 DVD set

Length: One hour 55 minutes

Time Period: 1952- 1960’s

Locations: Cheyenne, Denver, Chicago, Ogden, Green River, North Platte, St. Louis, Sherman Hill, Council Bluffs, and more…

Source: Emery Gulash

MSRP: 29.95

New in 2011, a Digitally Remastered Green Frog Odyssey program.

The combination of Emery Gulash and Green Frog have created a tradition of high quality train videos. Green Frog has released Union Pacific Odyssey Volume One in an upgraded version. The latest technological advance has been a 2011,digital remaster. A  fine original 16 mm film source, in full color. Green Frog has used their broadcast masters and enhanced the film.

Naturally, the big question. How does it look? In short… Amazing! The images are extremely clean. The colors are accurate and vibrant. Armour Yellow can sometimes look too deep or way too light. The color looks just right. The Northern #8444 has a high level of detail. Those rivets are clearly seen on the front of the smokebox. The puffing exhaust has even more of a billowing effect. Burlington Route’s stainless steel Zephyrs really shine in a new way. The reflective steel jumps out from the screen. The scenes have an added depth to them. Scenery is another benefactor of the remaster. Really, the entire program is visually enhanced.  Having seen nearly all of the original Odyssey series , this remastered volume is a major improvement.


Emery Gulash is one of the greatest train cinematographers of all time. He had that great eye for composition. Most Emery shows will have a few mood shots. Spectacular sunsets, fading light, and the resultant silhouettes. Scenic viewpoints are another highlight. Trains up close, 3/4 wedge shots, across the field type views and more. His camerawork is equally as interesting as the classic railroads that he had filmed. We are fortunate that this talent was out in the field, during some very interesting times for American railroads.

emd gp35 up

His use of the 16mm color film format, has kept the original footage, quite contemporary. Certainly, his sheer volume of footage has left a remarkable legacy. A true master of his craft. Consider for a moment, how important a competent production house plays into a worthy presentation. Green Frog has proven to be the perfect partner for Emery’s work. Their top of the line production standards are splendid, especially with this digital remaster.

Union Station has a variety of passenger trains. Union Pacific, Burlington Route and Missouri Pacific. Norfolk & Western runs the Wabash Cannonball. Crandic EMD SW-type switchers are in UP identical paint..

up big blow locomotive

Gas Turbines are featured throughout the first disc, Rated at 8.500 horsepower, they were the most powerful locomotives of the time. Another name for them was Super Turbine. They sound unique among all locomotives. The viewer will get numerous views of these ‘Big Blows’ at work. Some rooftop views are at a railyard. The 3 part locomotive sets are impressive. UP always favored the big engine concept.

up 8444

Union Pacific  #8444 is on the second disc in this set. During this time period, it wasn’t assigned the 844, as it would conflict with an in service UP diesel. Emery spent the better part of a year chasing this classic steam engine. Of course, the remastered views of the scenery, locomotive and the trains are exquisite.There are some long passenger trains hauled by the 8444 alone. Various consists are behind the 8444. The matched UP cars look like the steam era never ended!

e8a e8b

Other freights and passenger trains are encountered. Some long distance city trains behind multiple E units appear. Huge EMD DD35, Alco U50C and a few more Super Turbines are leading freight trains. Some GP30 units are also seen in mainline service.

Both of the DVD’s are very satisfying. The wide array of locomotives and trains are great on the first disc. The 1944 built 8444 steam locomotive is the focal point on the second disc. There are some other trains in that portion of this program too. A nice comparison for those that have only seen the renumbered 844 in modern times. The entire show has a nice pace.

The DVD case has the: Advanced Digital Software, Re-Mastered and enhanced from original D-2 Broadcast Masters, information on the back cover.  The DVD’s have All New…Digitally Remastered, printed in smaller lettering.


Fantastic, is the appearance of the newly remastered films. Details are easily discerned. Computer enhancements have the picture looking like it was shot more recently, than the 1960’s.

The script and professional narration are both excellent. The train audio is also high quality.

Green Frog has given us, a super nice version of, Union Pacific Odyssey Volume One. They highly recommend the Blu-Ray version, to those that have the equipment to play it.

up steel caboose

This is a fine vintage view of much classic Union Pacific action. Any railfan would be pleased to have this in their collection. If you are wondering if this is worth upgrading from previous VHS and DVD editions. This is the premium edition that is available now. A very noticeable, enhanced program. A must have for Union Pacific fans.

Any viewer should find more fun in this enjoyable edition.

Rating: 5 Stars

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