Canadian Pacific’s Mountain Sub & Rogers Pass

Canadian Pacific’s Mountain Sub & Rogers Pass

Highball Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 75 minutes

Locations: Field to Revelstoke.

Stoney Creek Bridge, Mount MacDonald, Kicking Horse River..

Time Period: June 1999

Source: Peter Crook

The scenic Canadian Rockies and Selkirk Mountains are the settings for this show. Canadian Pacific Railway will have a large number of trains on parade. Shot in 1999, the newer third generation locomotive power dominates the show. The scenery is as important as the trains in this region.

About the DVD, There is no chapter menu. Only a play button. Menus are desirable on train videos. It would have been convenient to jump to Stoney Creek, or some of the other places. A very basic map is shown at the beginning of the show. You will need to pause here, the locations are not updated on the map, during this program. The maps should have received more attention. There are many locations. At times, you will wonder where we are, in the overall route we travel. In fact, the lack of some maps, gets annoying as the show moves along, briskly, from spot to spot. On a modern video, in a computer graphics age, these should be standard issue.

The narrator sounds a little thin, with his rather light, vocal presence. He does good with callouts of the variety of locomotive types. Some historical information is well done. There are the major scenic and historical highlights of the line. The pace hurries through them. Pay attention or you will miss them- that quick! A bit disappointing, and too little time spent on the highlights.

Videography is excellent and the strongest point of this whole train video. Assorted viewpoints that give a great combination of looks at all of the trains that are seen. Natural audio sounds fine, when in the scene. You’ll hear the narrator’s voice get buried in the mix, when he speaks with train sounds present.

SD90MAC, AC44, SD40-2, SD-40F are the general models in service.

A Rocky Mountaineer Railtours train looks splendid with a matched consist.

This is a nicely shot program, of contemporary Canadian Pacific. The modern intermodals and unit trains just are not interesting to watch. Scenery is, like most everything filmed in this region, spectacular. It is a good show for what it has to offer viewers. More views of the CP in a stunning area. Hey, if you like modern trains, this is loaded with them.

This show is a pretty one. Has some weaknesses, as stated. Not one that I would revisit. Not bad, not great either. Rates slightly higher, that is the Canadian mountain route and some excellent shots there with trains. If you are new to Canadian railroading, there are better selections available. CP’s  Mountain Sub and Rogers Pass is something that you could add later on.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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