Great American Train Ride

Great American Train Ride (Deluxe Boxset)

Topics Entertainment/ Railway Productions

Format: Four DVD boxset

Length: 5+ hours

Time Period: Contemporary

Locations: USA

Producer: Les Jarrett

A collection of four train videos, in a DVD boxset by Topics Entertainment  These were originally released by Railway Productions.          The four shows are as follows. Santa Fe Mainline Memories, Winter Steam Spectacular, The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Alaska’s White Pass & Yukon.

With over 5 hours of train videos, there is much to see. The highest rated shows were: Santa Fe Mainline Memories and Atlanta’s White Pass & Yukon.

Mainline Memories is the best one in this set. An unusual style of presentation makes this show jump out. The premise is to travle the Chicago to Los Angeles mainline in under two hours. By using the Santa Fe’s subdivisions as a basis. The distance is served in manageable portions. Extremely well done program. See the ATVR main review of the individual title for more information.

White Pass & Yukon is another highly rated show. There is a fine visit to Skagway, Alaska. Climb over White Pass an on to Fraser, British Columbia. A seat in the locomotive cab, with travel in both directions, double the fun. Great exteriors and the wild, Alaskan scenery. See the full review on ATVR for more.

Cumbres and Toltec is well covered, from both directions. The Chama origin seems the better of the two. Pretty complete coverage. Not as exciting as some presentations. Still, it is a good program. ATVR has a full review.

Winter Steam Spectacular. The snow must be in Phoenix, because there isn’t much here. There are some decent highlights. Durango & Silverton has the most snow, just don’t expect tons of snow. Nevada Northern does have authentic equipment going for it. ATVR has a complete review.

All of the shows are well produced. First rate videograpghy. Good narratives. Natural sounds and music mixed in the programs.They are packaged in a single plastic case, with one big spindle to hold the four DVD’s. Not as deluxe, as advertised- is it?

The first 2 shows listed are the best of the lot. Santa Fe Mainline Memories , is the true highlight show. This one alone can be worth the price of admission. If you get a good price, there is plenty of good material on every show. If the money is tight, maybe the Santa Fe will do by itself. Either way, this is a nice set, and a fine value.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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