The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Railway Productions/ Topics

The Great American Train Ride (deluxe boxset)

Format: DVD

Length: 1 hour 20 minutes

Time period: 1999

Locations: Cumbres, Antonito,Osier, Lobato Trestle, Sublette..

Producer: Les Jarrett

Cumbres and Toltec is a very scenic narrow gauge railroad. A former D&RGW line, rund between Chama NM. and Antonito, CO. This is a tour over the complete line. We will ride the trains and view some awesome scenery.

This show is available as a single disc or in a four volume set. The Great American Train Ride is the boxset from Topice Entertainment. Contains 3 other good shows on four DVD’s.

There is a chapter menu. A clever, two-tiered map shows the viewer the route and the profile. The elevation map shows the sharp changes in elevation. Notable locations are also seen on the map. Some black & white photos are used for history.

As with the other shows, there are some uncommon views within. A look inside the coaling tower is one. Triple-headed steam locomotives maybe is another.

We begin with a history of the Denver & Rio Grande Western. The building of the line and 1968 discontinuance by Rio Grande. Here is the start of the Cumbres& Toltec.

The story begins at the classic Chama yard. Everything needed to run and maintain the fleet is located right here. Locomotive servicing is shown. Chama gets extended coverage.

The scenery is fantastic. Huge expanses from some high altitudes are viewed. Cumbres Pass elevation is 10,000 feet plus! Many assorted scenes of the little train in the vastness.

A winter chapter on the narrow gauge is introduced. A special winter excursion is our ride. Snow pack on the ground. The sky is clear, and the trees are clean. Looks like an early spring run. More snow at the higher points. A glimpse of rotary snow plow action is shown, in May. Short chapter.

Another part of the show begins at the Colorado end of the line, at Antonito.

There is a nice bonus section. No narration. Some trains operating over the line. Fairly long, a worthy addition.

Narration is minimal. Locations and some history is  noted.Also, some operations are explained. There is some generic, background music present. Various sounds, not the best, but it won’t drive you off the show.

Videograpghy is excellent. Sharp images and natural audio in the right places.

This is a good program on an interesting, historic line. Not anything special here.                It is a decent show.

Rating: 3 Stars


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