Steam in the Summer

Steam in the Summer

Railway Productions

Format: DVD

Length: 1 hour 25 minutes

Time Period: contemporary

Locations: USA – see text

Producer: Les Jarrett

This is part of a series on contemporary steam excursions. This summertime entry will feature; steam specials and steam tourist line trains. There are six steam trains here.

There is a chapter menu. Optional on/off narration. A basic point to point map for each train. The specific years are usually not offered. On screen graphics with more information ex: location,. A thoughtfully organized program, even has contact info for trips.

The quality of the video is excellent. Live audio is dominant on all visits.

The excellent narrator will give a quick, briefing on each locomotive. A little about the line or operation. After that intro, it is predominately all natural sound. Well, there is more info on the feature chapters. Cumbres & Toltec, Eureka & Palisades, Norfolk & Western 611.

Here is a compact overview. Most veteran railfans already know these locomotives.     High quality coverage, makes this a very worthy program.

Cumbres & Toltec. Two locomotives #484, #487 appear at a meet, and swap trains. This is excellent coverage from Chama to Cumbres. Nice segment on Chama yard. This one is of a few: mini-features within this show. An extended highlight!

Nickel Plate Road #587 is a 2-8-2. Shown during a 2 week stint hauling passengers to and from the Indiana State Fair. One of the Monon F3A diesels is coupled to the opposite end of the train.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Located in Chattanooga, TN. Steam engine #610 was a Lima-Hamilton 1952 build. The last steamer built in the USA. Was originally for US Army. Old Southern trackage with an ancient, stone faced tunnel.

Durango & Silverton line. Railfest hosted visiting Eureka & Palisade #4, is one of the oldest operational locomotives in existence. Built in 1875. Includes the original whistle. A wood-burner! Travels to Cascade Wye. Spectacular scenic journey. Viewing this old-timer traverse this trackage is the highlight of this show.

Ohio Central System. Former, Canadian Pacific, now Ohio Central 1253. Sugar Creek, OH. A 4-6-2 from 1948. The train will run to Baltic. Nice action, inside the cab. Glimpses, unobstructed from engineer’s and fireman’s front windows.Good pacing shots. Fine exteriors as the train travels across the countryside.

Norfolk and Western #611. The year is 1994. Built in 1950, the only surviving J-class from N&W. Cincinnati to Portsmouth, to Columbus, OH. This was a non revenue, ferry move. Shortly after this, Norfolk Southern discontinued their steam program. This was the last time that 611 ran on these tracks. Another enjoyable, feature chapter.

This program is nicely done. While it is always good to see steam operate, the presentation makes the show. At times, museum runs can be a bit stiff. This show targets some of the old steamers where they can shine. Regular mainline moves, let the locomotives build-up a good head of steam. They can also run at higher speed, and some pull fairly long trains. See the NW 611.

This is one that kids will love. The pace moves quickly. The steam engines smoke it up, and blow their whistles. A variety of locations, and roving viewpoints, keep things interesting. Your women will like the Palisades & Eureka with the great scenery.

The companion Steam in the Autumn is another good title. That one has the fall colors.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars


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