Riding The Alberta Prairie

Riding The Alberta Prairie                             

Greg Scholl Video Productions

Format: DVD (Widescreen)

Length: 35 train minutes + 28 min. wildlife

Time Period: 1999

Locations: Stettler, Big Valley, Coronation,     Jasper (wildlife)

Source: Greg Scholl

MSRP: 19.95

Do you need a train video, that the women will also enjoy? Plenty of people to watch onboard vintage passenger cars. A couple of live singers, to entertain the crowd. Bits of narrative from performers. The leisurely tourist train has some open window cars, for maximum sightseeing. Of course, we need an old steam engine to make this ‘a real train’.

Rolling along the Alberta countryside, you will soon realize that the vast prairie is not limited to the midwestern United States. The major Canadian ingredient to this prairie? Pine trees!

Greg Scholl has this new 2011 release for the general audience market. I would say this is a rather unique production. The show has some endearing ‘PBS style’ qualities.

Former Frisco 2-8-0 #41, built in 1920 is our steam engine. The Alberta Prairie scheme resembles old Canadian National.

There are a gang of train robbers too! The masked men ride up on horseback, to rob the train. They are brazen and unafraid. The bad guys board the train, and actually get money from the passengers! Our hero appears and… You already know. By the way, ‘the loot’ goes to charity.

After all of that excitement, it looks like the videographer felt safer in the locomotive cab. We are treated to a cab ride on the steamer. Lucky us!

The train arrives safely at Big Valley station. A fun trip. The ladies will appreciate the show. Gives them a break from you repeatedly watching that Early Diesels set.

Canadian National 4-8-2 #6060, well ex: CN here. The largest active steam engine in Canada during this 1999 trip. The 6060 was built in 1944. Hauling Alberta Prairie passengers, the engine looks mighty fine. Traversing some trackage that no longer exists.

Some nice pacing sequences. All exteriors on this move. This time, the train bandits are viewed briefly, from a safe distance.

The engineer and fireman perform a little maintenance on the running gear. As they tighten bolts and use grease sticks, you can see how they love that big engine.

That sure played quickly. I forgot to list some DVD specifics. Maybe in this case, they fit better here. This show is different, so I am too. Let’s continue..

There are some map references. The 14 mile AP line is shown, and how it had formerly fit into the earlier Canadian National. The 6060 ran  on another track, that is illustrated, as well. John Hingsbergen with his usual fine narrative. Good historical background provided.

Greg also advertises 28 minutes of Alberta Wildlife FREE.                                           Those train robbers must have stolen mine, I can’t find the animals anywhere  ……..      Just kidding.

Musical background, plenty of National Geographic style wildlife.No narration, no worries, on screen graphics identify the wildlife. Beautifully filmed and great classical background.

This is a valued priced program that the entire family will enjoy. An excellent choice for general audiences. Not a hardcore train video, but a recommended fun one. Unique!

Play this one, and watch the people smile.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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