Today’s Steam Across America

Today’s Steam Across America


Format: VHS

Length: 4 hours

Time Period: 1995 release

Locations: USA

Sources: Pro shot Pentrex (full color)

This is a two tape VHS set. Running time of 4 hours. Long and varied enough, it should have something for everyone. Steam fantrips, Railfair 1991 (Sacramento), LAUPT 50th anniversary, NRHS convention, Durango, and more. These are restored, vintage steam engines.  Bet most people prefer original film, but the age and often black & white coverage makes this a program worth viewing.

This is a great format to view restored steamers in operation. Long enough segments to see them, but not overextended. Keeps things moving along, and interesting.

We enjoy the usual high standard, that we expect from Pentrex…

Beautiful photography, natural sounds and even some overhead viewpoints, make for some fine trainwatching.

Narration is the smooth production, as heard in many Pentrex programs. It could have used some more historical background overall. There is a historical element, just would have like some more background.

This program packs in a ton of action. Here a some highlights of tape one.

Frisco 1522 double- headed with N&W 611. Cotton Belt 819. Nickel Plate 765. SP 2472. A visit to Durango showcases narrow guage steam.

In fact, NKP 765 with Pere Marquette 1225,  passing Lima Locomotive Works is a sight!

Union Pacific Northern # 8444, in two-tone gray, with a matched passenger consist, rolls across Wyoming. Note the EMD E8A providing assistance. Southern Pacific GS-4, in Daylight paint, with it’s own train, joins the action! Dual arrival at Los Angeles is a winner.

Southern Pacific 4449, a big Northern type, as seen in 1986. It’s heading to Hollywood, from Portland, Oregon. This is one sharp looking train! It has a Daylight consist. Action is on the coast.  Want more? The train travels to and around, Railfair ’91. Very scenic. Nice segments.

Norfolk & Western 611, traverses the old Rathole Division, named for it’s 23 tunnels.

Part 2 leads with Sanya Fe 3751 at San Bernaduno Park display.The year is 1986 and it.s towed to Fontana for restoration.  This restored Northen type moves under power in 1991.

More more steam action follows across the United States. Chesapeake and Ohio 615T. Norfolk and Western 1216. Southern 4501. Milwaukee Road 261. There are even more!

Cass Scenic provides a trio of Shay/ Heisler logging locos.

A Clinchfield excursion is led by a masquerading UP 3967. Great railfan trio here!

A surprise feature to close this long program, we travel back in time. It is the 1950’s. Union Pacific Big Boys in color!

This is an excellent program.

Rating: 5 Stars

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