Extreme Trains- Transcontinental- History Channel

Transcontinental Extreme Trains

History Channel

Format: DVD

Length: 55 minutes

Locations: Council Bluffs, Omaha to Sacramento

Source: Extreme Trains Season One

Host: Matt Bown

This episode features the Union Pacific Transcontinental Route. This is a 1700 mile trip!World’s busiest freight line. C45AC is a Union Pacific workhorse locomotive. A tour of the locomotive shows highlights of this third generation power . Trios of these locos pull 150 car freights!

We get a ride in the cab of one of these modern monsters. UP4162 has a sweet cab, with plenty of room. The triple track section is the busiest freight line in the world!

UP employed, are 369 dispatchers who are briefly seen at Harriman Dispatch Center.

Shown is the famous Union Pacific and Central Pacific photo that completed the transcontinental line at Promontory Point.

Bailey Yard is 8 miles long and is the busiest yard in the world. It is at North Platte. Locomotive servicing is featured. Our man, Jimmy, has 45 minutes to service the power set. Matt wants to help… clean that toilet! Uh-Oh… we need a new traction motor. the maintenance shop has 735 employees and will get it done. This is something to see…

Donner Pass gets a nice segment. If you want more of this area, there are other shows with complete coverage.

This is a fine episode in the series.

Rating: 4 Stars


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