Rockets & Rails – All Aboard Series – PBS

Rockets & Rails – All Aboard Series

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 30 minutes

Time Period: Contemporary

Location: Kennedy Space Center

Source: John M. Koch

PBS Television All Aboard Series with Howard Goodwin.

 Howard opens with a basic outline of the NASA Railroad and what we will be viewing. This is a restricted site. Many of the locations do not allow access to the general public. NASA Railroad has forty miles of track. They roster 3 SW1500 locomotives for freight service.

 Interesting premise, has railroading servicing the NASA site. An aerial flyover shows KSC.

 Naturally, we should begin with our mainline connection to the outside world. A Florida East Coast train leads the show with an eastbound.

 The Sw1500 fleet is ex: TP&W. The switchers ride on Flexicoil trucks.

 There is specialized equipment used to haul the massive rocket boosters. Quad truck, heavy-duty flatcars are one type of freight. Spacer boxcars are used to move loaded flats with Titan rocket boosters. Nasa has rebuilt switchers and can match any railroad rebuild.

 First memorable moment is a space shuttle launch. The rocket boosters are jettisoned and recovered. At Kennedy, transfer of the casings from truck to rail is featured. Good segment. Well presented.

 Second memorable moment. Night launch of a space shuttle. Fantastic views from space. Talk about a cab ride! Awesome sequence, that is enjoyable.

 Railroad operations are seen throughout the program.

This show effectively combines rail and space transportation.

Rating 4 Stars

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