Rails Buffalo

Rails Buffalo

Green Frog Productions

Format:VHS    Length: 60 minutes

Time Period: 1991

Locations: Buffalo SK Yard,  Frontier Yard, Buffalo Jct., Silver Creek, more…. 

Source: Rob McCormack

 The Buffalo metropolitan area is loaded with tracks. Trains are numerous. The action is nonstop. Road freights, switch jobs and transfer runs, make for varied trainwatching.

 My biggest complaint, right off the bat. is no onscreen maps! The narrator talks about the myriad of tracks throughout the area. Now, my old vhs tape is around 15 years old. He references to consult your map , at one point. My copy is long gone. It would have been highly desirable, to have the maps located within the program, and onscreen.

 There is quite a bit of railroad variety.   Locomotives painted in: Conrail, NS,CP Rail, CN, GATX, BN, Soo, CSX, Chessie . Buffalo & Pittsburgh, South Buffalo, Union Pacific.

Memorable moment. Right in the middle of all this modern railroading, a surprise!  A pair of South Buffalo Alco S2 switchers on a freight.

The narrator is very frugal with information. He doesn’t bother identifying the third generation power. He doesn’t care, and neither do I. Figure that out for yourself.

Second generation and rebuilt first generation, are mainly the usual EMD variety. CP Rail has rebuilt GP7 chopnose, Conrail has GP10 rebuilds.

 The film is pro shot. It looks good, even on my old tape. Live sound with multiple locations, keep the show moving. A small issue with a lack of general freight cars shown. The program teeters on becoming a collection ,of mindless runbys. Not quite, but close.   Some fog action breaks the pace. Now, the second half has more of the train seen, and balances the show.

 It is action packed. The assortment of locomotives is the strong suit. Nice photography and good editing. Youngsters should find this watchable.

 The lack of an onscreen map is my biggest concern. Another blown opportunity for learning third generation locomotives. No history or background on Buffalo.

 The photography is excellent. The action makes it a good program.

Rating 3 Stars

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