Trains Unlimited – When Giants Roamed

Trains Unlimited – When Giants Roamed

The History Channel

Format: DVD    Length: One hour approx.

Time Period: Golden Age of Steam

Locations: Lima, Schenectady, Roanoke, more..

Documentary in a PBS style format. Many guest speakers. Quite a few former steam era employees. Usual mixture of; stills, movie film, illustrations, maps etc…

This is more of a talk oriented presentation. The film plays a supporting role. You’ll see brief snippets of steam engines. Some runbys, long shots and locomotives idling. A variety of: vintage black and white, old color and contemporary films. Nothing new for those who have viewed other American train videos on steam.

 The old steam era railroad employees are of more interest. They describe the times and as having experienced that life, convey how it was. Historian types offer additional description, you’ve heard most of this elsewhere.

This turns into three major Big steam railroads. Chesapeake and Ohio, Union Pacific and Norfolk and Western. Allegheny, Big Boy, and Y class, are the major class locomotives featured. Northerns and Mallets also are presented.

O. Winston Link provides his famous night photography. Discussing what things he would have liked, or had more of, is one of the best moments in this program.

 A decent program, it is targeted more to those casual viewers. Veteran railfans should enjoy the old steam era people. Mr. Link’s still photos are equal, if not better than the rather routine films, within this show.

 A medium pace, pretty standard material. Nothing special on the train films.                       The commentaries make the show work.

Rating 3 Stars


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