Penn Central 3

Penn Central 3

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 75 minutes

Time Period: 1971- 1972

Locations: Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Town Line, Dearborn, Wayne Jct….

Source: Emery Gulash

 Out of six PC volumes, this is the worst. There just isn’t much good to say about volume 3. It is tedious, repetitive, and the most boring Emery show, that I’ve seen. If you feel the need to see a black PC E8 lead a few passenger cars for maybe 50 times, this is you. As much as the Frog, is a good production company, they can ocassionally… drop the ball. 

 The opening segments at Chicago look fine. Amtrak and black E8 led Broadway Limited in multiple arrivals. A little bit of some railroads other passenger equipment. Turbotrain in Michigan. An experimental black Amtrak E8. Lake Shore Limited train shown. We start to wonder, where are the freight trains?

 The series advertises to see the varying Penn Central, year by year. That is true, for the other five volumes. If you believed what you see here, freight trains appear suspended. Always was hesitant of this volume, they advertise so many passenger trains on it. It’s just sad, to see basically the same train, over, and over ,and over. It’s extremely boring.

 Locomotive: Black PC E8.  A few glimpses of some freight, a couple glimpses of C&O.    Two Chessie System GP 40-2 led passenger special trains at the end.

 Well photographed, good sound, it’s not a quality issue. No, it’s a content issue, or lack of interesting content. Even the narration is repetitive, Here comes the Wolverine with an E8… Another look at the Wolverine… the Wolverine with an E8 out of Chicago… A black E8 leads the Wolverine…repeat, pause, repeat… Your kidding Mr. Youngblood.                   Is that another Wolverine? Dreadful.

 This show becomes so repetitive, the train stations and an old stove factory, are the highlights. Watch for this anomaly. How much can you say, about a black E8 and 3 or 4 passenger cars? 

 How much freight out of the 75 minutes? Ten minutes, maybe only 8 minutes.

  Guess what is leading the 1971 Amtrak trains…. that’s right… a black Penn Central E8. Always followed by…. guess………the Wolverine. How could the narrator keep a straight face? Here’s a westbound Wolverine, here’s an Amtrak train, now… an eastbound Wolverine….

 Memorable moment. The Chessie System GP40-2 locomotives with two sections of a General Motors passenger special. Pretty and new at the Detroit terminal. Guess what rolls in from Chicago? A ratty looking Wolverine….

 Of course, there is just a tad more. A Budd RDC, more Amtrak, More passenger trains, with a few other names. But, it’s still the same.

 That’s too bad. Penn Central is a fine series. Get all the other 5 volumes first. You probably don’t even need this one. Just go get a Conrail show, and be happy.

 Rating 2 1/2 Stars


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