DT&I/ GT Volume 3

DT&I/ GT Volume 3

Neff Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 60 minutes

Time Period: mid 1980’s

Locations: rural Ohio

Source: Steve Neff

 Third part in the DT&I series. Looks good on paper. Let’s see if the show equals the hype. Oh, its from Neff Video, sold by Green Frog. This is not the usual high quality of The Frog. You’ll also notice the rudimentary menu, not the usual attractive Green Frog style. No chapter menu, cheap looking…. maybe it will improve.

 Show starts at DeCoursey yard. Not enough to constitute a visit. The Chessie yard is next and slightly better, although distant. Both visits feel rushed, with a few grab shots..

 The show then gets directly to road trains moving around Ohio. There is narration and some on-screen graphics, with train designations, and locations. There are some cheap, crude looking maps, to help with trackage and location. 

 Shot on video, with some flaws from the source vhs tape. Minor overall, there is slight distortion at the bottom of the screen frequently.

 A visit with a tower operator. Not very interesting or even coherent. Later a second tower visit starts better, and it’s over- that quick. Third tower visit, why is it in here? Too short.

Power is all EMD. SD40, GP40, GP38.

Grand Trunk is well entrenched, and we see plenty of GT blue and orange. DT&I has its original paints , some are sporting white GT numerals. Some have the later star logo, and even  transitional units with GT blue. We get plenty of both roads.

Other road locomotives from, Conrail, Southern. Some GE on Conrail trains. The most unusual is a blue ex: Rock, logo patched over.

Many cabooses are seen: GT, DT&I, Chessie, Conrail, Southern, and a Family Lines. Sometimes, he cuts so fast, the caboose goes unseen.

 The live, natural sound sounds good. Airhorns are loud and clear. Scanner radio trafiic and maybe a cell phone are also heard. Airhorns are loud and clear. Airhorns are loud and clear…. I think that this video should have been subtitled, ” Hear the airhorn blow”. Great feature for youngsters! Too much for adults, it’s called balanced programming.

 Good pacing of an unrenumbered GP40 DTI star logo with train. The engines cranking, the horn blowing. Long sequence, nearly looks like video game. Following that, a solid set of DTI GP40 units are then paced. At least we are headed the opposite direction. More horns…. again, Airhorns are loud and clear. Hey, kids will love it. Ages 15 and under.

 Ever notice..  how Neff videos seem to have odd editing, cutting too quickly, or staying too long. Annoying overall, when you factor in the rest. The shots often have too much foreground. You’ll see a bunch of; ballast, grass, or a field. The train shows up, the tops of the locomotives, and freight cars get cut-off, in favor of the foreground. He’ll also shoot too tight to the trackage, you’ll see the wheels and bottom of the cars. When there is good visibility, it would be nice to stay, and see some cars. Doesn’t get that right either.

 So, like your typical Ohio video, there isn’t much else to see. Therefore, getting the shots correct, is the show.

  The memorable moment, a Chessie local , on a GT video, no less. They drop the orders at a tower. The editing is dreadful here too. Some switching, the caboose grabs some orders, but it looked like the head end dropped them. Zero explanation and bad edits. Who knows?

 Personally, I want to like this video. The overall photography, and the presentation itself , hinder the potential of enjoying this one. If you like alot of mindless runbys, and horns blaring… have at it. This show is weak, and in fact, it is just plain annoying.

Rating 2 Stars


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