Rails in Transition – All Aboard Series – PBS

Rails in Transition – All Aboard Series – PBS

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 30 minutes

Time Period: 1960’s – 1970’s

Locations: Strasburg, St. Louis area, Washington D.C., Horseshoe Curve, Chicago

Sources: Jerry Carson, Rob McCormack

PBS All Aboard Series with Howard Goodwin.

Howard Goodwin opens up from The Strasburg Railroad. Jerry Carson filmed six railroads around St. Louis. Begins with a visit to Strasburg Railroad Museum , a look at their steam train. Producer John M. Koch talks about riding the Grand Trunk to college, in the early 1950’s. He’ll visit some , later in the show.

 We move onto St. Louis and the films that Jerry Carson shot. Venice Yard. Gulf, Mobile & Ohio has an Alco S-2. Some black & white shows GMO GP35’s, S3 and a N&W train passing, and more, some in the fog.  Back to color. A brace of classic F3A units arrive.  Early 70’s Amtrak with GM&O E7’s.

 Norfolk & Western locomotives in the blue, hamburger logo scheme. Gp9’s from Wabash and Nickel Plate, they’re repaints along with a low hood U25B ( should be ex: Wabash) and a pooled Erie Lackawanna Alco C425 at the yard.

 A sudden leap to Washington! A Pennsylvania GG1 runs light. Horseshoe Curve with Penn Central.

Missouri Pacific shops at St. Louis. Action with MoPac and C&EI, buzzsaw logos.

Alton & Southern Alco RS2, SW1500 , and doesn’t that paint scheme, look like a Chicago & Northwestern knock-off?

Manufacturers Railway switching fleet shown, adjacent to Anheuser Busch property.

Frisco includes an FM switcher. all red & white locomotives.

 Howard is back, riding the rails at Straburg.

  This is another good program in the All Aboard Series. Being that there is a full length version, from Green Frog, that may be the way to go on this one. I will review that train video. This would be a nice one for youngsters, as it moves quickly from one road to the next. A benefit of this PBS version is to have the old heads, like John Koch and Frank Kyper discuss the old days.

 Rating 3 Stars


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