Penn Central 2

Penn Central 2

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 60 minutes

Time Period:  1970 – 1971

Locations: Wayne Jct., Ann Arbor, River Rouge Bridge, Detroit, Howell, Danbury, Toledo, Ypsilanti, Millbury

Source: Emery Gulash, 16mm color film 

DVD with digital mastering, is a nice upgrade over the vhs train video. Improved picture and high quality sound. Volume 2 picks up the Penn Central story, where Volume 1 ended. The high standard of Emery Gulash filmography, in a well produced show.

 Most of the locomotives and the caboose fleet has been repainted. There are still New York Central and Pennsylvania decorated equipment within this volume.

 January 1970 at Millbury, Ohio is out starting point. We get some fine views of the freight cars here and the remainder of the show. 

 We are treated to cigar band NYC GP9 locomotives. In 1970 PC is running a meat train to New York, and that’s a fine feature at Wayne Jct.. This volume is heaven for 40′ boxcars.

 At Ann Arbor, we see land and shots from where Emery had planned to build a home. Passengers load at the station. We will revisit Ann Arbor in 1971, later in the video. Toledo and it’s still 1970. F7A units with auto parts and a PRR caboose. Cigar band E7’s on a passenger train departing for Chicago.

 There are some great views of passing freights, just the ticket for model railroaders. The locomotives are a widely assorted and interesting group. EMD has: GP40, SW9, F7A/B, E8, GP38,GP30, Gp35, SD40, SD45. GE has: U25B,U25C, U33C, U33B. Some rare logos include the orange C on a GP40 and watch for a red P, on a caboose! Also, you wll note the varying forms of redecorating, some locomotives have only a large PC on fresh paint, others have peeling paint and a small pc on the nose.

  River Rouge Bridge is an Emery favorite. Here railroad meets ships and barges. Yes, you’ll see the bascule bridge operate! A Speno roadbed cleaning train is shown operating, and check the lack of safety glasses in 1970!

 The story moves into 1971. Freight trains galore! Emery’s first Amtrak train is shot in Ohio, it looks like a PC. There are many classes of ex: NYC, PRR and New Haven types.

 This is a top entry in the Penn Central heritage Series by Green Frog. Great for the railfan and modeler alike. The freight consists alone, are worth the price of admission. A multitude of cabooses make it even better. The program is jam packed with trains. Narration is descriptive and carries a nice amount of detail. On Volume 2, the emphasis is more towards freight traffic. You get some trademark sunset shots, and will find this a very satisfying show.

Rating 5 Stars

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