Santa Fe Odyssey Volume Two

Santa Fe Odyssey Volume Two

Green Frog Productions

Format: 2 DVD Set    Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Time Period: 1979

Locations: Systemwide

Source: Emery Gulash

SF Vol.1 was filmed over 23 years. SF Vol.2 was shot over 23 days. The yellow warbonnet is now the standard issue freight scheme. Second generation locomotives dominate the mainlines. First generation locomotives are still operating. Some blue with yellow Cabooses are a welcome sight. The modern, for the year freight cars, still sport the variety of the older roadnames. Prevalent in the mix of traffic, are the piggyback trains. In retrospect, the cabooses on the TOFC moves are a sight!

Locomotives: GE C30-7. B23-7 , U36C EMD: GP30, SD45, SD40-2, GP39, GP38, GP20, F45,

Conrail shows up with pool power and run thru trains., Amtraks Lone Star, Southwest Limited, TP&W is seen.Some Rio Grande tunnel motors as run thru power at Amarillo, now devoid of passenger service as seen in Vol.1.

 Nice bridge and trestle shots, mostly farms across Kansas. The old stations ade frequently included. Lebo station is in bicentennial paint. Moving across OK, TX, NM with many stations, that are Emery’s base of operation for filming along the route. I especially liked the scenic New Mexico film.

 Arizona is next and the Canyon Diablo feature is a winner. Westward we see: Cajon Pass, Cajon Summit,Tehachapi Loop and we get to Barstow Yard. Nice SD26’s are there. Those are modified SD24 locomotives. Union Pacific,Amtrak and Southern Pacific trains. Yes, there some huge UP locomotives here. A tribute section and a slide show. Also, an indexed Chapter Menu, that comes in handy, there’s alot of scenes spread over the DVD pair.

 All the elements of a great train video are in this Odyssey. Emery is spot on with the film, and Green Frog really nails it, in the production department.

 For lovers of the Santa Fe, this Volume 2 is a no-brainer.  

   Rating 5 Stars

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