Santa Fe Odyssey Volume 1 – All Aboard Series – PBS

Santa Fe Odyssey Volume 1 – All Aboard Series

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 30 minutes

Location: Chicago, Willow Springs, Lemont, Amarillo, Raton, Emporia, more..

Time Period: 1954 – 1980

Sources: Emery Gulash, James T. Koch, John M. Koch

Note: The full version of SF Odyssey Volume 1, is also reviewed here, on American Train Video Reviews.

PBS All Aboard Series with Howard Goodwin.

 PBS broadcast the All Aboard Series on television. Howard Goodwin is our host, with a quick introduction and a see you next time at the end. Today, Howard is hanging out in front of a classic red/ silver FP45. Wonder if that’s at the Illinois Railway Museum? He gives us the All Aboard and we’re off…

 It’s Chicago 1954, and there is both steam and diesels around Dearborn Station area. Some other roads are included here. The show is fast paced and nicely filmed. Emery used 16mm film. A few other highlights…

 In 1958; Alco PA’s at Lamar, Texas show up and the black and silver RSD5 flying switch , classic scene.

 Many 1st generation FT, F7 and long distance passenger trains: as El Capitan and Super Chief with The Grand Canyon and an E8 led train.1961 already shows passenger train decline at Dearborn Station. Vaughn, NM hosts the rare Alco RSD15 alligator locos. Amarillo gets F7 freight and red/silver F7 warbonnet passenger train arrives, San Francisco Chief arrives behind Alco PA units.

 1965 shows the ubiquitous F units and a blue RSD-5 on a burro crane work detail. The Chief passes. Joliet (looks more like Lemont)with GP20 mainline freights! The Grand Canyon again. Trinidad,CO. the Super Chief meets the Chief! Raton Pass, Super Chief. is passing through a scenic area. Pretty Raton Station and the area with assorted trains, is featured.

Lemont, Ill. in 1970 has the Texas Chief. Willow Springs with the usual GP20 lash-up.

1973 Amtrak and yellow warbonnet freight locos.

1980 Emporia, KS scene closes the story.

Note: If you like this and want more, check the review on the full length version.

Howard’s back, and I now know he’s been lurking around Union, Ill.Check the weathered Penn Central locomotive in the background. He casually strolls back towards the FP45 and the clock runs out. Howard says good-bye from the IRM @ Union,ILL. Howard has a grin on his face. You will too after viewing this show.

Rating 4 1/2 Stars


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