GT Cab Ride – Springfield to Cincinnati

Grand Trunk Cab Ride – Springfield to Cincinnati

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD    Length: 70 minutes

Time Period: 1990

Locations: Springfield to Cincinnati

Source: Steve Neff

Here we are going on a cab ride from Springfield to Queensgate yard, Cincinnati. The train is pulled by a former Rock Island GP38-2. The train is TOFC, aka pig train. Trailer On Flat Car for the uninitiated. Man, doesn’t that sound good? 70 minutes in the cab of a GP38. Former Erie Lackawanna trackage. I’ll bet we talk with, and view the engineer working. Maybe he tells a few stories. We should get to look at the passing scenery, structures, points of interest, etc. A little history. Right?

 You must be kidding. Why have all of those interesting elements in the show?

 The camera is mounted facing forward. It starts that way, and stays that way.

 This single viewpoint makes for a boring train video.

 I’m not going to waste your time on further description. It’s a.. one look, and let me out of the cab DVD. 

 Too bad. This one looked like something good. There are so many good shows available. Save your money. The train was annulled. GT Cab Ride should be annulled too.

Rating 1 star


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