Union Pacific Super RR Vol.2 – All Aboard Series

Union Pacific Super RR Vol.2 – All Aboard Series

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD  Length: 30 minutes

Time Period: Modern

Locations: Cheyenne, Laramie, Green River, Weber River at Echo Canyon..

Source: John M.Koch, James T. Koch

A contemporary entry in the PBS television All Aboard Series. Our host is Howard Goodwin. Today, he’s shown standing in front of a Union Pacific Turbine, at the Illinois railway Museum. Go Howard!

The Union Pacific main at Cheyenne yard, at the west end is our entry point, with C36-Dash 7’s. UP’s absorption of the CNW has given them access to the Power River Coal Basin. AC4400CW is the largest locomotive that Chicago & Northwestern could buy for hauling coal. Union Pacific displays some big locomotives in Wyoming. It takes horsepower to move all of this coal. At the coal basin, 25 massive unit coal trains are loaded daily.

The Burlington Northern shares the coal basin. SD70MAC locos in green and cream arrive. All of this information in about 2 minutes!

Unit coal trains get loaded. The music is jazz and that is something on a train video!

There’s also: long double stack COFC traffic. Piggyback, Soda Ash, Auto Rack, and general merchandise trains.  Green River. Aspen Tunnel, Hermosa Tunnels, Weber River at Echo Canyon are some of the highlights. The show ends at Ogden. Howard may have spent the last half hour climbing on the front platform of a UP Centennial!

  This one is a good episode. Excellent filming, informative narration, great sound, and some cool jazz. Packs a bunch of action.

Rating: 4 stars

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