St. Louis Sojourn

St. Louis Sojourn

Green Frog Productions

Format DVD  Length  60 minutes

Time Period: 1954-1968

Locations: St. Louis, Dwight, Pontiac, Williamsville Ill., more..

Source: Emery Gulash

 The St. Loius Sojourn has the unique premise of riding the Norfolk & Western overnight train from Detroit to our destination. I like the journey there. Landmarks and stations are listed on the screen. The narrator fills in some info. About 10 minutes into the show, our narrator utters his first St. LOOEY. This is a major annoyance throughout the show. You’ll see.. I wish they would overdub St. Louis.

 The huge trainshed has 32 tracks and 10 more outside. Add the coach yards and consider ourselves lucky, that Emery made is trip back in ’68! A dozen railroads will appear on this dvd. Kudos for the recording of the complex trackwork as we back into the trainshed.

 The GM&O Abraham Lincoln departs, B&O Metropolitan arrives,The Wabash Cannonball, The Bluebird… this is passenger train heaven! The PRR eastbound Spirit of St. Looey, with the arch in the background. TRRA goes up the MacArthur bridge to St Looey. The westbound Spirit of St. Looey makes a stop. We relocate to Greshop tower in St Looey. and see the IC. The St Looey Levee. The UP domeliner City Of St Looey. N&W railfan excursion Iron Triangle drops fans for a trip to the  museum of transport of St Looey. St Looey St Looey..endlessly, St Looey.

 The passenger moves are unlimited at the station. IC City of Miami, and the old city looms in the background. There were a plethora of mailcar shipments. Mopac Texas Eagle. Mopac Texas Special looks sharp! This first day was full of trains.

 Flashback looks at long gone trains of St Looey. We jump; years , locations and railroads. 1958 on GM&O, 1954 -58 Wabash, 64 PRR.

 Day two is back to the trainshed area. Emery then ventures outside the yard area, to Granite City for some other scenery. Classic freights are plentiful now. The night run to Detroit arrives. The GM&O Number 1, The Limited rolls into the St Looey station. We depart on the rear of the train and get a final look at the city, at nightfall. Morning sun, back in Detroit.

 This is a cool storyline and has excellent footage. It’s mainly passenger trains nearing the end of an era. The heavy mail volumes will also leave these trains. I enjoyed everything on this dvd except for that ‘L’ word. 

 Emery Gulash and his 16mm cameras always satisfy. Occasionally, some production decision can lessen the final outcome of his work. Just can’t give this one an outstanding.

 Rating 4 stars


One thought on “St. Louis Sojourn

  1. Good dvd. I remember St. Louis Union Station in the 1960’s boarding the Texas Eagle for Little Rock. The station even in this dying era for St. Louis rail passenger service took on a short time of life late afternoons in the summer as several trains arrived and departed within this brief window. The Texas Eagle was still a long train that maintained, relative to that time, a high level of popularity as a travel choice out of St. Louis. And if viewers have an overall impression that the station looked desolate in this video, it would become more so in the 1970’s after Amtrak took over and the number of daily trains moving through the station at one point dropped as low as eight.

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