Chicago Hot Spots

Chicago Hot Spots

Neff Video Productions

Format: DVD  Length: 60 minutes

Time Period: 1960’s and 1988

Locations: La Grange, Joliet, Blue Island, Dolton, Brookfield

Source: Steve Neff- 1988, Alvin Schultze- 1960’s

 This has 15 minutes of film in Chicago, circa 1960’s.

 Production values are the first item on my review. American train videos have some shows that are meticulously: scripted, researched, synched, balanced, organized and edited. Production decisions and considerations are made, that can give the viewer a high quality film product. If the powers that be have done their tasks well… we enjoy a great show!   

 Another set of choices are conversely available. Those decisions lead to much less enjoyment, as the quality standards are dropped, in favor of monetary and/or  time. Now, I am not an expert in filmmaking. Like most people, I can tell the level of quality and know if I am in distress at shoddy production values. That being said, onto the review.

 I can understand where rarity may dictate some film of lesser quality, 1922 steam maybe be more forgiven then 1958 or 1968, like this segment. My expectations were there, and it’s a disappointment. The advertised states 16mm film. It is, with some really poor imagery. Some other scenes are fair. The film looks old and hasn’t aged in a good way. For the curious, it’s everything that you have seen in better quality elsewhere. The electronic soundtrack is an annoyance. I wouldn’t be this dissatisfied if the segment was at the end of the show. No, it’s presented first and your best option is the fast forward button. Another issue, is the lack of any menu to be able to start at Chapter 2.  Production values…. 

  So far, this is the worst show I’ve seen. Nothing against Alvin and his home movies.     Let’s view the main attraction. 1988 and Steve Neff with the video camera. No narration, some on screen text listing location..etc.. about 45 minutes. Natural sound, as recorded.

   Now we are back with improved videography and better color balance. This video looks like outtakes. This is just raw footage, with some added graphics. If you want 1988 Chicago railroads, just get the vastly superior Green Frog Productions – Rails Chicago

 Rating 1 Star



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