Norfolk Southern – Atlanta to Chattanooga – All Aboard – PBS

Norfolk Southern –  Atlanta to Chattanooga – All Aboard Series

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD  Length:  30 minutes

Time period: 1991 – contemporary 

Locations: Atlanta, Inman yard, Austell, Rome, Dalton, Chattanooga, DeButts yard, more..

Sources: John M. Koch, Charlie Brown

PBS All Aboard Series with Howard Goodwin. NS Atlanta to Chattanooga.

This episode is about Norfolk Southern’s mainline from Atlanta to Chattanooga. This is a distance of 138 miles. We are at Atlanta and former Southern’s Inman yard. CSX is present. Union Pacific pool power SD60M leads a Powder River unit coal train. This won’t be a one train ride to Chattanooga. In fact, this is not a train ride. Many trains will be looked at, as we move towards our destination.

 Moving along, Amtrak’s Cresent blows through the woods. Plenty of additional traffic is shown, some with KCS run thru locos. Flash to 1991-New Georgia  Railroad train is steam led, with FP7’s on a passenger train, aerial camera follows the former A&WP steam engine #290. I am unsure what year follows this piece. There are many NS trains.  Two abandoned right-of ways, one a former Southern tunnel are included.

 Power: A pair of SD9 locos are at Atlanta. Second and third generation power dominate. A GE U-23-B is in a consist. An NS only GP59 leads at Rome. A Dash 8-32B is exclusive to NS and leads aspecial move. Some other power : High hood SD40-2, Dash 9-40CW, SD60.  A lone GP60 leads a Triple Crown RoadRailer. The GP60 series were purchased for the RoadRailers.

. Our journey move northbound from town to town. The wooded countryside is a pleasant setting to watch all of the trains. Soon enough, we arrive at the destination. DeButts Yard is the hub of Norfolk Southern, at Chattanooga.

 This program has the modern quality standard from Green Frog. There are numerous angles. The constantly changing scenery adds interest. The action is fast paced. Narration is efficient and descriptive. I liked the locomotive callouts and attention to model types. One item I could have used, a map showing where we were. Sure, it’s a mere 138 miles northbound. Yet, I would have enjoyed getting a sense of the distance traveled. ex: We are near Rome… where is that?

 This is a good look at the modern Norfolk Southern. Packs a bunch of trains in 30 minutes.

  Rating 3 1/2 stars


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