Rails to Steel City – All Aboard Series – PBS

Rails to Steel City – All Aboard Series

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD Length: 30 miuntes

Locations: Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, Mt. Washington, Butler, and more

Time Period: 1989

Source: Steve Neff and Green Frog

 Another entry in the All Aboard Series. PBS 30 minute program for television. Howard Goodwin is our host. Here he is sitting pretty, in A Pennsylvania GG-1.

 Pittsburgh has a rich history and there are some smaller railroads in this train video. Bessemer & Lake Erie, CSX, Conrail, PAT, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Amtrak

 Locomotives vary: GP40-2, GP38-2, GP30, SD9, SD40-2, F7,  SW1500. Many are unrepainted CSX pre-merger. Conrail has even more on hotshot intermodals. A few cabooses too.

 This is a fast paced video. Views range from close-up trackside to Mountain top. Narration is matter of fact, to the point. Not overdone, a good balance of talk and sounds. The overall quality is excellent. The runtime at 30 minutes is limited.

Rating 4 stars


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