Colorado Steam Mecca – All Aboard Series – PBS

Colorado Steam Mecca – All Aboard Series

Green Frog

Format : DVD-R

Length: 30 minutes

Locations: Golden, Chama, Durango

Time Period: 1990’s, tourist service

Sources: John M. Koch, Tim Lab, Charlie Brown, John G. Koch

 All Aboard series are 30 minute programs made for PBS TV. Green Frog edited full length train videos into this format. There are 26 of these shows. Many have special introductions and closing segments. Howard Goodwin is our host. This episode is for historical value. These are tourist service railroads. Living, working museums, in regular operation.

howardHoward opens his segment from Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

487aThe following are all narrow gauge lines, in the former mining areas of the Rocky Mountains.

346Golden, Colorado is the first visit. This is the Colorado railroad Museum. A running Baldwin steamer, 346 was built in 1881.

dgvOriginal Westside Lumber Shay steamers operate on Georgetown. Devil’s Gate viaduct has been rebuilt on the Georgetown Loop.

dgvtop                                               Fantastic view from atop the bridge.

487tChama, New Mexico is home of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic RR. There are 65 miles n service. A narrow gauge Mikado pulls the tourist train.

mapds                               Basic reference maps are shown for each of the lines.

rockwoodDurango, Colorado. The Durango  & Silverton, may have the most memorable scenes of all. It has tracks hugging the mountainside, the same as pictures from the late 1800’s.

silverton                                               Southbound departs from Silverton.

489High quality throughout. At 30 minutes, it’s a little short. Green Frog does have the full length  version.

Rating 4 stars

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