Santa Fe Odyssey Volume One

Santa Fe Odyssey Volume One

Green Frog

Format: 2 DVD set

Length: 2 hours 10 minutes

Time Period: 1952- 1980

Locations: Chicago,Willow Springs, Joliet, Illinois, Amarillo,Texas, Kansas City, Emporia, Kansas,    New Mexico, Missouri, Colorado

Source: Emery Gulash 16mm

See the newer illustrated Remastered show review.

  Here is a cornucopia for the Santa Fe fan. The pair of DVD’s cover decades of classic Santa Fe railroading. There are a number of Santa Fe vintage video releases, This is probably the best one of all. Combined with the other ATSF Odyssey volumes, this is the motherload of Santa Fe. They will be covered in future train video reviews.

Santa Fe is the most popular railroad of them all. Emery spent years recording this footage. This is like a ‘best of..’ collection from this fine photographer. Filmed in a myriad of weather conditions, the images and angles are highlighting many facets of operation. Working crewman are shown going about their tasks. Stations are sometimes shown. The set rolls along in a lively fashion. A fine mixture of freight and passenger trains too.

The first disc begins in Chicago, it’s 1952 with some steam. Vintage diesels of the 1950’s are in their original factory paint. The stainless Warbonnet fleet never looked so good. All kinds of locomotives, including the rare ones, are on this disc.

The second disc starts back in Chicago circa 1973. Blue and yellow pinstripe locomotives are standard. Amtrak versions of the Chief streamliners, lead some long trains into Chicago. Santa Fe Warbonnet F7, Fp45 and new Amtrak SDP40 are the power. Piggyback cars are now more common. There are some good views of the freight cars. The new blue Warbonnet freight locos appear in 1975. Older power is getting rebuilt, newer EMD’s are on the mainlines. Solid Amtrak consists appear. Remember Bi-Centennial paint?

Quality. This is a high quality production. That 16mm looks sharp! The sound is excellent. Narration is accurate, yet concise. You can listen to the train sounds, as it moves across your screen. Green Frog has a winner here!

Rating: 5 stars





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