Cajon Pass – Tehachapi Loop

Cajon Pass – Tehachapi Loop


Format DVD  Length: 2 hours 10 minutes     

Locations: Cajon Pass, Tehachapi Loop, Barstow, Bakersfield, Sullivan’s Curve,

Time Period: 1980’s with 2004 update

This is 2 shows on 1 DVD, that will run continuously. Pentrex has a pair of Southern California’s most scenic locales. Tehachapi Loop is a worldwide famous piece of engineering. Cajon Pass was a famous area that’s been photographed since the bygone steam era.

Cajon Pass  This is 2nd generation era railroading. The Santa Fe, , Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Amtrak are here. massive 12 axle locomotives are at the head of the freights. Pusher sets are tied to the rear of some heavy freights going upgrade. Santa Fe has solid sets of blue and yellow warbonnets. It’s at a time when the possible merger with Southern Pacific had both roads repainted locomotives into the Kodachrome scheme of ; red, yellow and black. Some say the SPSF ended up foretelling.. Shouldn’t Paint So Fast. Cabooses are still in service. Piggyback trains with cabooses look antiquated now. The film continues downhill into San Bernadino and a tower tour. There is a special section on helper sets. A cab ride from Barstow, to Mohave, to Waylong. Great!

Tehachapi Loop  This is Southern Pacific’s engineering marvel from 1876. Seeing the mile long freights loop over themselves is fascinating. Santa Fe runs this with mid-train helper sets. You get the big, high horsepower road units. Southern Pacific tunnel motor engines, along with their Cotton Belt cousins, put on a grand show of muscle. Solid tank trains of oil, were running at that time. There are massive lash-ups of six axle EMD locomotives. A cab ride is included as well.

Quality. This is shot on modern equipment. Images and sound are first rate. Narration is pro . Factual and concise.Notice the zoom functions, not available on footage from early era’s. A must for anyone interested in trains, the railfan will love it.

Rating 5 stars



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