Penn Central Volume One 1968-70

Penn Central Volume One 1968- 70

Green Frog

Format : 2 DVD set

Length: 163 minutes

Locations: Detriot, St. Loius, Altoona, Pittsburgh, Buffalo. Also; Wayne, MI., Ft.Wayne, River Rouge,Valparaiso,.Various Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Windsor, Canada too.

Time Period:1968 disc one. 1969- 70 disc two

Source: Emery Gulash 16mm

This set starts prior to the merger with Pennsylvania and New York Central footage.This pre-merger section is really fine. It then proceeds with, the Penn Central start-up, until 1970. A vast array of equipment is on display. Many locomotives are still in their former PRR and NYC paint schemes.  A balanced mixture of freight and passenger trains make an interesting program. There are 1st and 2nd generation diesels, with EMD locomotives predominate. Passenger cars are both steam era and modern stainless. Shot in all seasons, some of those snow covered landscapes look cold!

The connecting roads and run through power add more spice to the set. CB&Q, UP, N&W, DT&I and more. At Enola, a brand new set of Penn Central GE U33C locos are shiny new. It’s fun to see many vintage E, F, GP7/9 led trains. Some rough track is evident, as the cars sway.

There are a whole series of Penn Central shows from Green Frog. There will be additional train video reviews of the other volumes.I recommend this one to get first. It is entertaining and lays the foundation for the progressively more modern ones that follow.

Quality. This is a high quality production. Pristine video, nice sound and sharp production. The DVD is a nice upgrade over the vhs tapes.

Rating: 5 stars


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