Horseshoe Curve and Sand Patch Grade – Combo DVD

Horse Shoe Curve and Sand Patch Grade – Combo DVD


Format: DVD  Length: 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Locations: Horseshoe Curve, Alto Tower, Altoona, Gallitzan Twin Tunnels, MO Tower and more.

Locations: Sandpatch Grade, with: Hyndman, Brackens, Falls Cut Tunnel, horseshoe curve at Mance and more.

Time Periods: Horseshoe 1989. Sandpatch 1990.

 Special Collectors Edition: 2 on 1 DVD

Horseshoe Curve: 75 minutes 

  Since 1854, the granddaddy of all trainwatching spots has sastified the railfan. Compare this Conrail era episode with some old steam era Pennsylvania. The trackside trees have leaves now. Modern videography and the zoom capability are fully realized at this site. It’s all solid blue Conrail and down to 3 tracks. There are still around 50 trains here, daily! General freight, coal drags, cofc,  hotshot pig traffic, all grind it out uphill. The scenery is georgeous! Those long shots almost look like a model railroad, as the mountainside dwarfs the long trains. Natural sound, and a relaxed narration let you enjoy the action. The film is artfully done, many views of the trains keep it riveting. This long visit here… is fantastic!

The level of action and quality continue at the other locations. A great look at Conrail.

Sand Patch Grade:  60 minutes

Former B&O mainline, in the Allegheny Mountains. Now, it’s CSX trackage in this program. A tour of the Sand Patch Grade area. Mountain railroading with helper sets. The narration is very informative. Natural sounds are used, I liked the snaps of the armstrong levers, in the tower. Another very scenic area.

Leading off with, Cumberland diesel servicing and a tour of Hyndman Tower, this is a treat. Falls Cut Tunnel provides a B&O GP35, Clinchfield SD40,Chessie GP40-2, CSX and Amtrak power. The horseshoe curve at Mance is cool. Solid set of GE Seaboard System and Chessie led pig. Check that CSX F7 A/B set {116/117 } with geometry cars! The summit at Sand Patch has a visit at SA tower. A super segment and look at all the horsepower in Run 8!

This is a railfan’s delight, loaded with a large array of pre-merger and CSX repaints! Former: Chessie System, B&O, C&O, Clinchfield, Seaboard Coast Line, Seaboard System.

Various locomotive types: GP30, GP40-2, SD40-2, SD50, the CSX F7, GE, and more. All the assorted locos, working the grades, will keep you coming back for more! This video was a longtime vhs favorite, and the dvd upgrade is well worth the improved images.

This train video is action packed! A high quality program.

Rating 5 stars


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