Western Pacific’s – Feather River Canyon Route (VHS)

Western Pacific’s – Feather River Canyon Route

Icon Video Productions        

Format VHS

Length 40 minutes

Locations: Many canyon locations: Keddie Wye, Portola, Quincy Junction, Williams Loop, Clio Trestles. Oroville Roundhouse, High Line.

Time Period: Late 1960’s – mid 1970’s.

Source: Virgil and Lavada Staff. 16mm with authentic Western Pacific sounds.

The Western Pacific runs through some spectacular scenery in Feather River Canyon. The custom maps are shown often, and help with understanding the trackage and routes.

There is an extended visit to the Oroville roundhouse at the start! Love the turntable in action, with F units.Some loco maintenence is included. There are many 4 axle locomotives on th WP. F units are plentiful, GP35, GP40 and some GE U-boats lead freights. Some California Zephyr shots, look mighty fine in the mountain scenery. At times, the trains look like a model train, as they roll in the canyons, and hugging the mountainsides. The editor lets the film run, so many boxcars are seen. Six F units lead some freights.

Quality is of a high standard. All the Sierra Nevada scenery is awesome. Narration is informative, accurate and not overwhelming. There are pauses where you can just listen to the train. This is an excellent video. Short running length is the only knock.

Rating: 4 stars


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