Yesterday’s Santa Fe

Yesterday’s Santa Fe

Icon Video Productions

Format: VHS

Length: 40 minutes

Locations: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California

Time Period: Late 1960’s- early 1970’s.

Source: Vigil Staff (16mm film)

Virgil Staff was another classic cinematographer. His films were shot on 16mm. They are all color on this show. The program states that it has ‘authentic’ Santa Fe sound.

Travel westbound from Texas to California on the Santa Fe.

Virgil begins in Texas and has many fine viewpoints to share. His direction westward, then enters New Mexico. Arizona and into California.

He does include some scenes that contain ATSF stations. This is all vintage first and second genearation EMD and Alco power.

Long lash-ups of weathered F units, in the blue/ yellow freight scheme, are seen in Texas.

Last F units in service, Super Chief’s last year and end of San Francisco Chief. Richmond roundhouse in San Francisco.

Nicely shot and informative narration. Some guitar music in places. The presentation is on the short side at 45 minutes. It is well worth having in your collection.

Rating 4 stars.



4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Santa Fe

  1. Best tape ever! Showed A lot of history of yesterday years. My mother father retired from the Santa fe railroad and it brought bk many memories. I myself have many memories of the richmond round house!

    My mother has been watching this over and over.. Unfortunately the tape broke and my eldely .mom is upset. Can someone send me one? I w0ill pay for a DVD copy. Please help me!

  2. My tape broke. Please. Can I buy a copy of this tapes please! My mom father retired from the Richmond Santa Fe yard. My mom is up and n her years and would give her great pleasure to re live her childhood memories. I will pay for the cd or tape
    Thank you for your consideration!


    • Hello Laurie, That tape is long out of production. Recommend some Charles Smiley Presents and Green Frog titles.
      CSP has: Santa Fe Vintage West.
      Green Frog: Santa Fe Odyssey Vol.1
      You can search my site for more Santa Fe.



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