Michigan Fast Freight

Michigan Fast Freight

Green Frog Productions

Format: DVD 

Length: 52 minutes

Locations:  Romulus, Delray Jct., Carleton, Ecourse, River Rouge…

Time Period: 1967

Source: Emery Gulash

MSRP: 24.95

In 1967, Emery Gulash photographed the: C&O, DT&I, New York Central , Norfolk & Western, and more in this dvd. This is a true classic of mid-sixties era railroading. There is much to see in this film. The Michigan area has an excellent assortment of trains. The vintage locomotives and rolling stock are fantastic.

                                  Engineer of a C&O GP30 grabs his train orders.

                New York Central has numerous GE U- series Locomotives in service.

Quality. Pristine, 16 mm film shot by one of the best cinematographers of the time.

Narration is good. The photography is top shelf!

                                                       DT&I at Carleton.

                         Pennsylvania Railroad in it’s last year before Penn Central.

                      At Flatrock, a lone GP7 has switching chores, at a steel mill.

                                                Lucky railfans in action, circa 1967.

                   Model railroaders will find many freight cars are included in the film.

                                         C&O SD40 power with a unit coal train.

                                   Back in 1967, even unit coal trains had a caboose!

             Demonstrator sets from the three major builders appear in this show.

Norfolk and Western GP9 action at River Rouge. Note the former Wabash diesel.

                                 River Rouge Bridge hosts a variety of trains.

Excellent action from some classic Fallen Flag railroads.

This one is a must have for the railfan and model railroader.

5 Stars.


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