Great Northern Volume 2- Diesels


Great Northern Volume 2

Video Rails

Format: VHS  Length: 45 minutes

Time Period: 40 years

Locations: Seattle to Lake Superior

Source: Anthony DeRosa 8mm film. A GN employee

First and Second generation locomotives. Nice shots of freight trains, showing the boxcars.Harry Truman Presidential train. He shakes hands with the crowd! Orange and Green schemes and new Big Sky Blue locos are present. Even some overhead electric. It’s a little short on time, but a worthwhile film to own. Film quality is good to very good. There are some film flaws, but this isn’t a digitally remastered  production. Some of it has a handheld, documentary feel. It is private footage made available to the public.

Quick, and to the point narration.

Some rare shots and this is a road not covered by the major photographers of the time. Other roads: Northern Pacific, Spokane, Portland & Seattle, Burlington Route and Spokane International. Some Burlington Northern equipment is here.

The rare content does count. I like the shots, showing yards, and engine facilities. Early piggyback loading, company cars, trucks, etc.. are included.

Rating: 3 stars

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