B&O Odyssey Volume 2

B&O Odyssey Volume 2                                        


Format: DVD 

Length: 60 minutes

Locations: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia.

Time period: 1960’s

Source: Emery Gulash 16mm film.

The first half is nearly all passenger trains. I strongly prefer a more balanced presentation. This gets repetitive and I wonder… Where’s the freight? There is one interesting moment of an empty Central Union Station with a single RDC. Still even more passenger trains.. Finally,  we get to Connellsville PA with a freight. Nice mix of freights and locations now. Too quickly, it’s back to Michigan and even more passenger trains.

The freight section in the middle is the highlight. It’s much too short. There are some great shots of F units and GP30 led trains. As seen in the promo trailer.

Quality is high, as you’d expect from Pentrex. Emery Gulash has his 16mm film and it looks really nice! Narration is fine. I was just disappointed on the lack of freight trains.

This show is still worth owning, just rates a little lower on content, for the review. If you just love all these passenger trains, just bump the rating higher. The quality is there.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars.


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